November 25th

November 25th

A day of hands on work. We work in the backyard, a small garden with a jabuticaba tree, a tree whose fruit grows directly on the trunk. A small group creates a compost, paths are beautified and a small ritual fireplace is created. New plants are planted in the small beds. In the kitchen, in the workshop – everywhere a hand is being laid. All of this is done in an area that would correspond to a living room.

In the afternoon we prepare the hall and the soccer field for the closing party, clean the hall, and free the place from garbage.

In the evening we visit Arakunin. He has invited us, and speaks in touching words about Tamera and the “Derfend the sacred” alliance. An evening follows where we get to know something about the power of revolution, which is connected with art and music.

Here all the pain of the past, of enslavement, of humiliation, of submission to a cruel system, is transformed into strength, joy of life, perspective. The energy with which the people dance and sing here is almost staggering. Women throw their drums in the air and move their bodies in such a way that one can only marvel. It is a highlight for Salim from Benin. He is celebrated here and joins the dancing crowd in joy. In parables he tells about his people and about the power of resistance, which is able to rise again and again.

Late at night we fall into our beds moved from what we faced.