It is like a miracle. The hall, which seemed dilapidated a few days ago, now looks ready to receive us with a newly installed ceiling.

Overnight a group has put up tents and on the former soccer field a fairground has been created. Individual groups have set up small stalls where they sell their handicrafts, or even small paintings. Also German and Levis from Colombia offer their chocolate and homemade earrings made of beads. Out of exuberance, Barbara, Andrea and I have little braids braided in our hair. The black woman, who later also dances on stage, who does this work with devotion, emphasizes again and again: “You have such a special energy, you are a highly spiritual being. Most are rather heavy, but from your head emanates such light and lightness,” she hugs me again and again.

At 11:30 we are asked to come on stage to say something about our work.

An unusual setting for me, but we manage to speak words from the heart. The guests are mostly people from the favela, some have come from further away.

Salim and I talk about the meaning of “Defend the sacred”, about the power of a necessary global revolution and the importance of community. Barbara and Fabio on the importance of self-sufficiency and sustainability. All the speeches come from the heart and people listen intensibv. A young woman who has also visited us in Tamera begins to cry at my words.

She tells us that her visit to Tamera has transformed her whole life. Whereas before she had the feeling of leading a meaningless life, now she has started to build a community in the countryside and to establish a school.

Salim emphasizes in simple terms how important it was for him to discover and develop self-sufficient models. “Africa – such a fertile land has been robbed of all its traditions. It is absurd that in a fertile country like Africa there is hunger, and we follow a system of religion and subjugation that is not ours. Self-sufficiency and community, these are the two keys to a new revolution.”

The rest of the day is alive with music. There is celebration and dancing! One performance outdoes the next. Everything shakes with rhythms and energy. At the end, Cláudio manages to bring the whole “Defend the sacred alliance” on stage.

For them, this day was central, a global spirit has entered the favela and will make its circles. The future center with its vision, became visible, also for others.Cláudio tells us that it was the first time they combined speeches with music. He would like to repeat it.