November 2nd

November 2nd

A morning of wrestling with the “online”.  I had two Weninars and both were constantly interrupted. Nevertheless, it was possible to build up a powerful frequency with the “higher online”! We virtually persevered. “There is a world that created us and a world that we created, both must come together. That is the goal of the journey”.

This sentence of Delon “Dieter Duhm” expresses what I felt yesterday, and what gave me the determined energy to persevere and not give up.


It was also the coldest day. Rain, rain, rain.


In the evening, a long conversation with Andrea about what moves her. She describes her own spiritual passage, which she has experienced since she has been so committed to the cooperation with the peace community in San José. To come into contact with a place where so much cruelty has happened, that has shaped all of our lives.

We have learned that three community members from San José are coming to Brazil after all. This is wonderful news, because Aldea d’a paz from Sao Paulo and the peace community in San José are sister communities. Under two completely different conditions, they live exemplary lives of nonviolence and compassion.

For those who organize the trip, it means at the same time a lot of commitment, and there the nerves sometimes get a little thin. There is a lot to think about to make their coming possible. We take it in prayer.


We also continue to keep Brazil in prayer. For those who are not yet so familiar with our work. (When I speak of prayer, I mean a form of contact that connects us to the vibrations and frequencies of the invisible worlds. It is an active research, not a pious folding of hands. It is a touch with the power of the spirit that permeates all living things) So far, the former president who now has to deal with his narrow loss, Jair Bolsonaro is behaving amazingly calm, asking his supporters to avoid violence. This almost matches the picture we had in our meditation that we published.


We continue to hold it in prayer.