Early in the morning at six o’clock we meet in front of the small chapel by the stone placements that we have placed here together.  The cosmograms represent the ethical values of the community.

We explain a little bit why the 9th of November has such a meaning for us, day of admonition and day of hope. We do a meditation together – connecting with the earth and all its beings and going in spirit to places that similarly hold the vision of the community alive in their hearts. Communion with visible and invisible beings. About 40 people have come – which is many for the present situation, as some do not live directly down here.


Arley reads the meditation text in Spanish.

“Where there was pain, let healing awaken.Where there was anger, let transforming power emerge. Where there was fear, let protection and trust arise.

Where there was enmity, let the great awakening of mutual compassion begin. Where there was oppression, let the great freedom enter.Where there was separation of peoples, let compassion for this planet Earth lead to a common responsible vision.

We have come to remember:

If we want this planet Earth to survive, all walls of separation must come down, the walls between peoples, between Israel and Palestine, between Europe and Africa, between the global North and the global South? And so must the walls we have built within ourselves, the walls between the sexes and the walls between human beings and all creatures.

We have come to remember the original beauty and truth of life:

All life has a right to freedom and development, a right to love, to truth and trust. Let us set examples for overcoming violence wherever we are. Let us stand up for life and love in such a way that fear can disappear on this earth. Let us form a ring of strength worldwide for the protection of all creatures.

Afterwards Brigida speaks a few words. Touching how she includes the refugees on the seas, the situation in Syria, in Palestine etc. in her words.


Afterwards Blatcho and Carolina sing a song with self-penned texts about the situation of the current revolution in South America.

Afterwards we have breakfast with Brigida and Gildardo. . With Brigida, our “philosophical hour” in the morning has already become a ritual. She talks about her intimate relationship with Jesus, who for her is an exemplary revolutionary. She also tells of personal miraculous healings she has experienced through her prayers alone.” I don’t believe in doctors so much, but I do believe in the healing power of prayers.”

In the evening we meet again for a common meal and to share with the community about the question of hope. Afterwards, we watch the movie together.

“Hope for Colombia”