I am the power, the clothing of the Earth. I am her starlight and her vibration, extending into infinity. I am the interconnected intelligence which you can see both in a starry sky and reflected inside yourself.   Every speck of light, every sparkle you can see in the sky is an aspect of the divine world. I shine through embodied power and yet I am that which you can never fully fathom. In Egyptian mythology I was called the Goddess Nut. I gave birth to everything. Everything returned to me. I am guardian, companion and protector of Mother Earth’s young children.   I guard entire galaxies and every galaxy is connected to one particular aspect of coming, becoming and passing away. You will find entities that manifest different aspects of the divine whole everywhere.   When you listen deeply into yourself, you can become as intimate with individual sparks of light as deeply as you might with a person who is close to you. You can listen into the voice of Venus. You can listen into the voice of the Pleiades. You can discover the quality of Sirius. All of this is only possible because it also exists within you.   Imagine that your being unfolds towards its fulfilled potential just like an embryo inside the body of the whole. Imagine that the embryo discovers many specks of light in the darkness of the mother’s womb and how those lights lead that being through all the stages of its development towards the moment of birth.   Imagine how, in this way, the starry sky embraces the body of the Earth, embeds it and prepares you for another birth, a new stage of existence.   Learn to perceive the quality of my being in my personal love and resonate with that. This will create a completely new relation to the whole and will lead you to trust into it.   Listen to my voice. Through the universe’s many sparks of light I shine into your soul and therein you will find those points too. When you look deeply into the starry sky you will, in the end, recognize yourself in it. Ya Azim (Meditation text about the archetypal power of Nut, received and composed by Sabine Lichtenfels)   Here you can listen to the audio recording of the Nut stone: