Pan – caretaker of elemental beings

I protect and care for the elemental beings. I accompany and gather them. I am the divine power of the forest, of nature; their organising principle. I have a special love for the powers of the moon.  I act in the animal and plant kingdoms; in the elements fire, water, air and earth. I work especially at the places where the different kingdoms of nature touch each other. You can find descriptions of me in various forms in all ancient cultures, in many myths and fairy tales. I, and all the beings of my elemental world, reveal ourselves through the perception of your imagination and of your soul. I can only contact humans through their thinking, feeling and wanting. I seek access to the gates of your consciousness. I have become known popularly as a figure playing pipes or holding a shepherd’s crook. I am known for joy, music, dance and the power of lust because the senses with which humans are able to recognise me respond to these experiences. I appear to you in pictures, in your fantasy, in intuitions and dreams. These are the signs through which I can speak to you, in which I can show myself to you. I can only appear in the physical world as a metaphor. I have no fixed objective gestalt. The beings of my nature-kingdom appear to some of you as gnomes, dwarves, fairies or fauns. To others I appear as a formula or a frequency of light. That which is spiritual wants to be rediscovered and experienced in all that is earthly. I am custodian here and bringer of the true chemistry; the power of physical manifestation and healing. Only those who keep this gate of consciousness open are able to perceive me. In this age of rationality, many have dismissed me as a superstition, accepting as real only what is visible to the eye. In centuries past I was slandered by humankind and banished into the underworld as the devil, as Lucifer. Others became drunk on my elemental powers. They lost their clarity of perception and misused my powers. But for those whose mind and spirit are awake, I build the bridge to the invisible world.   I call upon humans to embrace, in addition to the sciences that deal with physical appearances, the world of invisible beings, who together with you are building a new earth and a new heaven. If the human being closes to the insights offered by the invisible spiritual world, the outer visible world seems in many aspects to be resistant, inaccessible and impenetrable. I am not reachable here. Those aspects to which you close off your inner perception become inaccessible to you. I urgently ask humankind to stop closing its gates of perception to my world. (…)  I ask you never to forget that what you change through action in the outer world, you also change inside yourself. You can understand from me how everything is reflected. There is no visible world without the invisible; there is no outer healing as long as you try to banish me from inside yourself. Ya Azim (Meditation text about the archetypal power of the Ring of Power, received and composed by Sabine Lichtenfels) Here you can listen to the audio recording of the Ring of Power stone: