The principle of community

070328_Colombia_San_Jose_Peace_Community_TAC-13“I can see, that the spirit of community is opening at many places on the Earth. This will happen in different locations – in towns … and even with people that don’t live in community – e.g. at places of work. The community building process will grow and so too the recognition that community is a principle of life. The wounds which humanity has carried for many centuries are starting to heal.

In some places bigger communities start to grow. A lot of them are experiencing strong resistance from the outer world. It is normal that resistance occcurs when you have a big aim that is not yet seen by others.

It is very important that you care for your region – that you open your heart and connect with it. Take care in situations where your community or your group still holds ideas that there are enemies out in the world. Recognize that in the world of consciousness no enemies exist. So if you have resistance, look deeply at what this resistance wants to tell you. Open your heart for the message which wants to come to you. If in your mind’s eye you can see clearly your task in the world – if you discover the higher nature of your community – this will give you the guidance and protection that you need.

Sometimes there is external resistance because you have chosen the wrong path. Listen deeply to what wants to happen. Sometimes it gives you a sign that you need to connect more with the outer world. Your community doesn’t end at the borders of your land.”

(Excerpt of the Ring of Power Meditation by Sabine Lichtenfels)


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