Acquire a Cosmogram Coin


Cosmogram Coin

• Hollow-mounted coin, made by hand in Tamera.
• 4 cm diameter.
• 22g 925 Sterling Silver


Goldsmith Dörthe Goschin has, for the first time, created silver prayer-coins bearing the “Ring of Power” cosmogram. They have been created by hand in Tamera, in a limited edition.

These coins combine spiritual power with material beauty. They can serve well as power-objects for an altar, as items for use in prayer and ritual, and to accompany your spiritual work.

It can be your connection to the “Ring of Power” stone, in the Stone Circle of Tamera.
The “Ring of Power” cosmogram portrays the goddess, who holds the sun between her two hands. She accompanies the circuit of the sun; from sunrise, through the cycle of the night, and on to a new morning. She is the symbol of the “Ring of Power,” for a free planet earth.coin

Ring of Power – Isis: “I am the daughter of the goddess. I am the inner sun, from which all true seeing arises. Like the sun, let us create a ring of power around the world, for a free earth and a free heaven.”

The limited 2015 edition includes 12 finished pieces. One will be given to the MarIsis Group in Tamera, which is responsible for the emerging landscape park, and the spiritual ecology work in Tamera. One will remain with the artist. Ten coins remain available, which we want to give to the world.

The proceeds will go into building the landscape park MarIsis in Tamera & to the Tamera overhead budget – the “basic household,” which is the economic foundation for the coworkers of Tamera. With the purchase of these prayer-coins, you are also taking part in our global peacework, and the research for a new culture.

You can purchase one of these coins for a donation of at least 1000€, to support our work, and as a valuable gift for yourself or someone else.

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