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Ring of Power
Invitation for six months of spiritual & political research

Start: 30th April 2016   –   End: 30th October 2016


The Ring of Power is a peace meditation that happens every Monday morning at sunrise. At this time people all around the world take time and connect with the vision of the Earth in healed state.
More information about the Ring of Power.

We are again inviting people from all over the world to participate from wherever they are. We would like to establish a reliable research-community that listens into life and finds answers to the burning questions of our time. May we succeed in receiving a collective download which serves peace on planet Earth. Imagine – on the roofs of Jerusalem, in the rainforest of the Andes, in refugee camps of Greece and Palestine, in slums of Brazil, in peace-communities on all continents – everywhere people unite to form a spiritual alliance of peace.

What does this mean in practice?


– For all:

As in previous years you are invited to join the Monday meditation from wherever you are in the world.
During Monday morning an extract from Sabine Lichtenfels’ Ring of Power Meditation will be posted on the website – on the right hand side.

– For those interested in a greater commitment & exchange:

We want to build a circle of engaged people who wish to dive into this spiritual research with us. This is an invitation to exchange and to connect with Sabine Lichtenfels’ knowledge more deeply. Participants are asked to join in the sunrise meditation every Monday morning; continuity deepens and empowers the prayer.

With a financial contribution of €80 (or what feels right) you can register and gain access to our “Members Only” area on the website.


In the “Members Only” area we offer:

1. Question for the Meditation:

Every weekend (by Sunday evening at the latest) we send out a question which we invite you to take into the meditation.

2. An opportunity to listen to Sabine Lichtenfels’ Ring of Power meditations:
Every Monday we will upload audio recordings of Sabine. Her words will help us find orientation for the new week.

3. Colloquium:
Once a month you will be invited for a live online colloquium in which you can pose your questions in the area of spirituality, meditation and prayer. Either Sabine Lichtenfels or a member of her team will answer your questions.

4. Exchange:
We have created a comments section (after every weekly Ring of Power post) in which you will be able to share with us and with the other participants what you received in your sunrise meditation.

5. Teachings by Sabine Lichtenfels:
Sabine will give advice and teachings on topics like:
– How to choose your cosmic research partner?
– How to go in contact with invisible beings?
– Why it is helpful to create a small altar for your prayer and how to do it?
– How to deal with the messages received?


With a contribution of €80 (or what feels right) you can register and gain access.
Possibilities for payment:

– PayPal – with the link “Register Now”
– bank transfer HERE (register with the link “Register Now”, but afterwards don’t klick on “PayPal” but wait until we activate your account)

You are welcome to join at any time during the 6 months. The research time will end at 30th October 2016.


Warm welcome!

– Register Now –

If you have further questions please write to:

Stone Circle22