Be faithful to yourself

What do I have to let go of in order to allow the process of renewal?   Listening into the divine reality, some humor comes. I can see the power of the divine on one side and humanity with its thinking pattern, the pattern of wanting to belong to something and being in reaction to everything, on the other side. This way of thinking about reality always fails the divine reality. Stay faithful to yourself and you will not betray anyone else. Don’t get entangled in your mind too much. Be ready everyday anew to recognize who you really are. Come to awareness. This is the call. Leave behind all patterns of what you thought you are. You are not your biography. Human beings are so used to get lost in social dynamics. You expect suffering and thereby you create suffering, again and again. You have lost the state of awareness from which joy is generated. Come back to the inner joy. Come back to this readiness. Leave behind all patterns of distraction which will enable you to notice that you yourself are of divine dignity. (…) Leave behind your fear to not fit into the existing society. Don’t try to always be like them. Be who you really are. Help to create systems in which truth can develop. In away you should let die something of yourself everyday. Patterns where you feel they don’t belong to you anymore. But instead create new ones. Find patterns that you love. This will help you to leave behind the patterns that don’t belong to you.(…)   Listen to the audio recording of Sabine Lichtenfels´ meditation here: