Be who you are!

What is my role in global healing?   The answer to this question is very simple: Be who you are! Learn to be who you really are. It sounds so easy and at the same time it is one of the most challenging things to do. If every individual would reconnect with its divine nature, war would disappear in that very moment. Where there is consciousness in the center of our lives, war cannot exist anymore. At this point you will discover how unity and diversity come together without contradiction. In the process of global healing  it is so important that everyone discovers: The role you are playing is not you. The personal identification which is at play in all of you, this is not you. You are much more than your ego. Understanding this is the key in order to find back to the divine source and to learn to trust that source. Completely new systems will be developed; systems based on trust to life instead of war. Learn to listen to the voice of life. Learn to act from your open heart and you will be guided. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Learn to trust life. Learn to trust others. And learn to listen again to your own heart which is steered by compassion. Doing this, you will become a protector of life. You will raise your voice. You will say no in face of injustice. And you will mainly invest into creating systems free of war. May you discover this power of life. Mother Earth is calling for us to come back to the power of life. May this week be a blessed week. Amen. Listen to the audio recording here: