Situation report and request for financial support for a trip to Colombia to the peace community of San José de Apartado

Situation report and request for financial support for a trip to Colombia to the peace community of San José de Apartado

To all supporters,

Today we would like to bring you closer to a cause that is very important to us and ask for your spiritual and financial support.
We greet you warmly from a Tamera in full spring splendour. Our lakes have regained their beauty and this gives us the strength not to give up hope despite the difficult world situation and to strengthen our power of action.

The Equinox meditation and action days, in which around 80 groups took part, ended with the Solidarity Days for the Peace Community in San José des Apartado. They celebrated their 27th anniversary on 23 March. We had invited many guests from the region to Tamera to honour their community and celebrate the idea of decentralised peace models as a way of possible political non-violent resistance. It was a heavy blow for all of us when we learned that two of their members had been killed on 19 March.
And so this day of celebration also became a day of mourning and also of outcry against the increasing power of the war matrix in our time.

We, Sabine Lichtenfels and Andrea Phoebe Regelmann, have now decided to travel to the peace community of San Jose de Apartadó in Colombia this coming November, together with two other companions.
They have asked us to be with them and to support them on many levels and to give them strength. Our bond with them is strong and so we want to do what we can. We have accepted because we believe it is now necessary to be on the ground as international supporters and thus be able to protect lives and also to deepen the spiritual exchange with them. It is a matter close to our hearts.

We have chosen this time to spend Global Grace Day, 9 November, there. It has become a day of reminder and hope for us since our pilgrimage through Palestine in 2005. We would like to use this day to raise awareness of the situation of the peace community for many people and thereby strengthen its protection. We have been supporting the peace community for 20 years. They have been through a difficult time in recent years.

However, there has not been a murder of one of their members for many years. Their methods had become more perfidious, but apparently this is changing again. There is a veritable campaign against them to drive them out of the area by any means necessary. The government’s public statement and the Pope’s statement in their favour don’t seem to have changed anything, on the contrary, they are increasing the pressure against them.
( They see themselves as the ‘stone in the shoe’ of those who want to exploit, oppress and harm their region.
Nevertheless, they will not be defeated and continue on their path for freedom, community solidarity and co-operation with the forces of nature. They know that we are called to leave all imperial systems of power in order to be able to call for a different way of life. They remain committed to non-violence and oppose all forms of oppression and are committed to a world in which we can live in dignity.
In addition to the visit to the community, we will also meet with well-known politicians in Bogotá who are important for helping the peace community. Our best picture is travelling together with journalists so that we can document the situation of the community well. 
We are looking for financial support for the trip. We need about 8000.- Euro for the whole endeavour. (This is a general estimate so far) In addition, we would also like to give them a small gift of money.
We are happy about every small and also bigger donation:
Sabine Lichtenfels will again write a political diary. We would like you to participate in our spiritual political journey.
If you want to and can support us financially, please transfer your support to the following account:

Sabine Klaudia Kleinhammes
Iban: PT50004563324036374114307
Ktn.: 40363741143

You can either simply transfer to the following account with the keyword donation for Colombia trip. Then all your support will go into the travel fund.

You can press the donation button on Sabine Lichtenfels’ website and click on Ring of Power, then 30% of your support will go to the basic budget of Tamera. (Tamera itself is also in a critical financial situation and can always use support)

We thank you already now for your support and will keep you informed if you wish.

Best regards,

Sabine Lichtenfels and Andrea Phoebe Regelmann

under the following link you will find short films and more information about the Peace Community:

and an article by Christa Leila Barthels Dregger on the situation of the Peace Community and the murder of its two members in German language.