Spiritual commitment

eule5MarIsis / Owl:

You are asking: What commitment is needed from you and what do I wish?

Know that I am connectedness. With my breathing with my seeing, I am connectedness between spirit and matter. My wish is, that you and humanity will awake to this kind of awareness. The continuity of spiritual practice which you are taking care of, is helping you and others to find to this awakening.

I see you. I see the point in you, where there is always connectedness. I wish that you and all the ones who engage the way of spiritual research will start to find their way back to this kind of real awareness and back to the spirit of the holy matrix. Help yourself that you will not be distracted. Go with your inner light, go with your truth.

The commitment I am longing for is that you are who you really are. Become who you are.

Discover the real joy of life, which is always to be found in the awareness of the NOW.

(Excerpt of the Ring of Power Meditation by Sabine Lichtenfels)


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