St. Germain

Many call me the seventh ray of the rainbow. I represent the colour violet.   I represent the power of manifestation. I stand for the ability to found new cultures. I stand for the power of revolution by appearing in different cultures as characters who, over and again, connect to the essential origin of all becoming. I lead back to where cultures lost their way. I always seek out the healing capacity that is accessible within that culture. You find my strength in philosophers, poets and thinkers. You also find me as an advisor at the side of kings of ancient cultures. And you find me as a courageous revolutionary on the streets, trying to lead a non-violent revolution in such a way that the sacred core of all things is remembered. I tend to the power of manifestation. When you feel a strong divine will within you that calls for fulfilment, when you seek the structures which will enable this fulfilment, search for me. Become still in your heart until you can hear my voice. I am the masculine force that helps tend to and protect the body of the Earth and to accompany it in its development. Ya Azim (Meditation text about the archetypal power of St. Germain, received and composed by Sabine Lichtenfels)   Here you can listen to the audio recording of the St. Germain stone: