Stone Circle

In October 2004 Sabine Lichtenfels began the construction of a Stone Circle in cooperation with the geomancers Marko Pogacnik and Peter Frank. The Stone Circle was completed in 2011. It is a “natural cathedral,” a modern work of art, based on prehistoric Stone Circles. It is emblematic of a peace community. Here, basic values of a partnership culture of peace is derived from prehistoric tribes.

Each stone represents an archetypal power that needs to be present in a community for its stability and balance as a whole.

In seminars the various aspects are highlighted, and corresponding symbols and icons are artistically carved in the stones the in the form of “cosmograms.” The Stone Circle is part of an overall artwork and growing Landscape Park, which also includes other stone circles, the Pilgrim Path, power places, bodies of water, sculptures and symbols. They are all intended to serve the reconnection and cooperation with the stream of power and systems of information, which control earthly life.

This work is raising awareness of the fact that human rights and the rights of the Earth embody unity. An ethic develops, which is again based on the fundamental values of life.

The Stone Circle is now the meeting point for rituals, prayers and silent meditation for the community.

It is a symbol and power place for a peace culture, in which the sacred life on Earth, in all its facets, is honored and respected, and where every being is called to regain its entelechial figure – it’s highest self.

Tamera’s Pilgrims Path network is becoming a spiritual nature trail. Here people can re-learn to open their senses of perception to the internal forces of mother Earth and universal connections.

Other works of art are to be installed in the various other power places. We are developing spaces for spiritual research, for the deep reconciliation between nature and human beings, as well as between the power of prehistoric and modern European culture.