The artist

I guard the power of creativity. I have a cosmic partnership with surrender. Like night follows day, the power of creativity follows true surrender.   I open the realm of seeing.   I open the realm which lies beyond all definition and I create in you the power of creating. Art doesn´t arise from capability, and yet it leads you into an ever more comprehensive joy of wanting to be capable. You are touched by the force which lies beyond the things. You are touched by the beauty and diversity of creation and you want to find an expression for it. I am born in various forms. You discover me in art, in music, in poetry.   Art is a celebration. Art is ceremony. Art opens the divine realm in it`s creative aspect.   The true artist is creator. The true artist discovers creation in himself. Again and again he turns to this big adventure in deep humbleness, surrender and freedom and gifts the world his creative doing.   From the power of art, new cultures are born. From the power of art, a new Zeitgeist is born, creating a field for the whole.   For a long time, art was used destructively. It mirrored the destructive aspect of humanity. Now we ask the artist: Step back into the miracle of creation! Let your art become prayer. Gift your power of creation back to the world. Weave with sound, image, language, for the creation of a new earth and a new sky, deeply anchored in the memory of a pure heart and the divine realm. Ya Azim   (Meditation text about the archetypal power of the artist, received and composed by Sabine Lichtenfels) Here you can listen to the audio recording of the artist stone: