The Hawthorn

I am a support for people and planet. I filter the light-energies of Mary so that they become accessible for humans. You can unlock and reveal the power of your heart through me. I strengthen the heart. Many of you have forgotten what it means to think with the heart. I awaken the thinking heart in you. When too much sorrow and pain have burdened your heart, take my medicine, which I hold ready for you. Those who want to read and understand the divine message need an open heart. Those who receive with an open heart will become seeing. Those who speak with an open heart give their words the living power of manifestation. Those who act with an open heart are a channel for the divine miracles which want to be done now. I am always there for you, whenever you come to me with a sincere heart. The pain of the world has become so encompassing that it is sometimes difficult for you to keep your heart open. Come to me before you sink into dejection.   My power enfolds your heart in a protective layer of warm light. You can visit me in meditation. You can use me as medicine. I offer you my light, my wood, my flowers and my berries. When you connect to my essence you will know what you need from me. My power is particularly effective if you consciously come to me and ask for my help. You will recognise me by a dancing shower of red-orange light (These distinguishing features can vary with the individual). Accept my support, as the world needs your open heart. Weave with me a carpet of light for a new tomorrow. Become aware of me and care for me, so that I can care for you. Harvest me, so I can nourish you. Come to me and let yourself be touched by my light-figure, so that you can sense the frequency which will give birth to the new future: Those who think with an open heart come to know the thinking and logic of love from which a new world will resurrect. Ya Azim (Meditation text about the archetypal power of the Hawthorn, received and composed by Sabine Lichtenfels)   Here you can listen to the audio recording of the Hawthorn stone: