The Sun

I am the sun. I guard the light of eternal life and with this force I shine into the soul of earth. Many have wondered, if I have a material body, or if I am purely metaphysical. Some experience me as a channel. Some pray to me as grandfather sun and others as the divine goddess of the sun. I am beyond all definitions. And yet you will feel how through the connection with my light, the light of eternal love wants to shine in your heart. Goethe said once: “If the eye were not sun-like, how could we ever see light?” Discover this eternal point of light, the eternal point of light in yourself. Feel, how from this light, life emerges. Feel, that what shines up there, far away from you, is also within you. With me you can study the stable and clear rhythm of the universe. With me you can realize, how the biggest stability is created through highest flexibility and mobility and through the highest force and power. With my photons I travel into the deepest darkness under the water. You find me in places, where you didn’t believe that there is light. With my ever changing force I shine through everything. Whoever comes to close to me, burns. But know, that also this in the end means transformation. If you want to maintain your form, find the right distance. If you want to let go of something, come closer – I teach you to use the being of transformation in the right way. Those who recognize me in my being, can call upon my warmth at any time. I shine through the flora. In close cooperation with the reflecting light of the moon, I guard the water cycles and the growth on earth. When in the early morning I am seen as the rising sun on the horizon, many people watch in awe. They feel my personal love frequency. It was more than pious worship, when prehistoric tribes used the rising sun for their morning prayers.They used the morning light for the continuous self/renewal and for the connection with the center of the universe. From me, they could read and receive information, which they needed for their life and for the rules of their societal being together. Because I guard the circuit of the sacred Matrix. This sacred source was lost due to research and science – it was robbed of its soul. Most don’t recognize my miracle anymore. They became used to it. When the first morning light touches the earth full of love, they lie in their beds or already sit at work. They don’t know my power of constant renewal and cleansing anymore. Universal tribes aren’t guided by the clock, but by the rhythm of life, which comes and goes with the sun. I am the fasted carrier of transformation, in the speed of light you can receive and forward information. Those who let this sacred light enter them, puts himself into the constant circle of self renewal. The old burns – the new arises. I invite you all to open your heart with me to the big shining of the harmony of the world. I invite you all to get to know and absorb the big surrendering and love for this life and it’s limitless cross-border forces of transformation. Let your inner sun shine. Open yourself, become light, because your light is coming. Ya Azim (Meditation text about the archetypal power of the Sun, received and composed by Sabine Lichtenfels)   Here you can listen to the audio recording of the Sun stone: