Tears of regret will speckle the land

From a cosmic point of view, what actions and information would stop the growing danger of fire around the world? Powerful forest fires destroyed more than 30,000 hectares of land, North-East of Lisbon in Portugal. Many animals, plants and more than 60 people lost their lives. Natural biotopes survived the flames in only in very few places. Tears of regret will speckle the land once we understand how much humankind has conributed to this catastrophe. How many usefuless deaths have there been and willl there still be if we do not take decisive action to contribute to healing? It maybe that your indignation is at first directed against the fire which is spreading so destructively around the world. But when we enter into a cosmic perception we recognise that it is not the power of fire that is destructive but that mankind has misdirected that power. (…) Imagine that humankind awakens. Imagine that the governement of Portugal recognises that it cannot continue in this way. It introduces Earth rights. Before any building or landscape work is carried out the Earth is asked, ‘What would grow naturally in this place? What would contribute to the balance of fire and water?’ Imagine, ecologists, farmers and entire village communities join and say, ‘Enough! We no longer allow huge pieces of land to be planted with monocultures which destroy our soil and do not support natural biotopes.’ They see that the greed for money destroys the land and they of course understand that one cannot eat money. They invite experts and connect with the vision of nature healed. With enthusiasm they experience that you can bring creeks to flow again when you treat nature in the right way. They come together as groups of activists. Defend the sacred! They establish humanitarian zones. They build swales to harvest rainwater and they plant natural biotopes. Through this year-round edible landscapes emerge. (…) In the name of the protection of community. In the name of the protecion of nature. In the name of the sacred power of life. Let us rediscover the richness of Mother Earth and say ‘Yes’ to it. Thank you & Ya Azim. (Excerpt of the morning meditation by Sabine Lichtenfels) Listen to the audio recording of the Ring of Power here: http://sabine-lichtenfels.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/RoP-June-26-17.mp3