Turtle Island

I represent the continent, which today you call North America. Even today, some people still know me by my original name: ‘Turtle Island’. Also other places are called like this. This name carries the primary story of the origin of the earth as it was cultivated very vividly for a long time in many tribes of this land, long before I was seen as a continent. I guard an indigenous knowledge, which arises again and again in new forms. I represent the connected intelligence of different tribal forces. You can still hear the story about my emergence from the legend of the Tsalagi tribe. My stories of Creation are told on the fires of wisdom, thus everyone can understand the continuous process of creation and understand the role which our thoughts and actions play in the development of the world. I was born, because a star child fell from the seventh heaven. People that lived on earth didn’t possess yet the fire of the clear mind. After a long fall, with the help of many beings from the ocean, the star child could finally land on the back of the turtle. A spider brought earth from the depth of the ocean and thus mountains and valleys were created. Life, as we remember it today, was created by the woman of the stars. The spark of geist came through her. We have a relation to many ways of thinking. What we perceive right now and call reality is formed and decided through our thinking. Thinking weaves the pattern we live. The woman of the stars brought forward the human characteristics with which we create reality until today. In me you can access this indigenous knowledge. There are still people living in reservations that tell my story and the story of my ancestors. Turtle Island is the continent, where the genocide on the indigenous tribes is still very young. The fire of wisdom and the humanitarian trauma lie very close. When the prehistoric knowledge was already destroyed for a long time in Europe, the Europeans came to this land (turtle Island) and destroyed many tribes. They had the naive dream of a continent of freedom. With the ignorance of the white man who isn’t aware of his trauma, they killed all the knowledge and history that was guarded by this land. This continent can only find to its original destiny when the humanitarian trauma, which recreates the pattern of the victim perpetrator structure again and again, is recognized and healed. The fire of destruction is currently raging on many levels, yet beyond that lies the big power of awakening, compassion and a mighty will for reconciliation and healing. Healing can only take place where people connect again to me and my true history. The wound became too big, nobody can overlook it anymore. I call to the people: don’t let yourself be governed by a force which doesn’t concur to your heart. Listen to the voice of the ancestors, which have been before you. Ask for the power of insight and reconciliation. Bow to the earth. Remember your true origin. Humbly and modestly you will recognize and accept your true responsibility. You are all children of the earth. The earth can carry a lot. In it’s compassion, everything changes. Whoever finds back to the original humbleness, can step back into the communication with all beings and finds back from helplessness into the true power of life. I teach compassion, wisdom, continuity, manifestation of beauty. From me, creating intelligence arises. I teach the power of reconciliation, from which true freedom is born. It is decided in the cooperation between Europe and Turtle Island, when and how the rebirth of this earth can happen. Listen into the deep peace knowledge. Recognize again, that all of you came with a task. Help, that reconciliation can happen on this earth. Leave the pattern of victim-hood, leave the pattern of perpetrators and find back to the sacred source, hidden in the heart of humanity and awaiting it‘s recognition. Ya Azim (Meditation text about the archetypal power of Turtle Island, received and composed by Sabine Lichtenfels)   Here you can listen to the audio recording of the Turtle Island stone: http://sabine-lichtenfels.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/2019-03-11-Turtle-Island-EN.mp3