Overcoming Walls

I am the power which is capable to open/overcome all walls. True opening/overcoming of walls starts in one’s own inner; it is a movement that is being discovered by ever more people. Many people are on their way in My Name. Carried by my power new peace movements are forming all over the world. Everywhere where the following message comes from the heart my power is taking effect – I speak through all those who say: We come with the intention of peace. We come in the name of GRACE. We come with the unconditional wish to overcome all walls that cause seperation, fear and animosity in ourselves and our environment. Imagine you are given the seed for future peace cultures into your hand – a cosmogram, a letter of life for the process of reconciliation. Imagine that you plant this seed now at the Palestine Wall into the earth. You take care for it, you send light and you water it. Imagine how from this seed a new power grows, how the knowledge for a free, sensitive and peaceful world is generated. Imagine how the seed opens up and start to blossom at different places on earth. Switch on your light, make yourself into a force that will not rest before peace is realized on earth. We take on the responsibility to overcome the walls of seperation in ourselves in order to make peace on earth possible. Even governments are truthfully empathetic with earth’s destiny. New leading forces turn up. New ideas for solutions arise. They take part in the destiny of the whole Middle East. They take care that refugees can return to their country or that they find in dignity a place for a new home. Nobody will any longer be considered as an unworthy being. Imagine that the arms industry will no longer provides weapons but instead will deliver humane technology that brings fertility to the country for all its inhabitants. ‘Swords become ploughshares’. The international world supports the reconciliation with all it means, as they know this to be their responsibility. They also do not deliver tanks any more, but instead they come with the unwavering will to cooperate for peaceful solutions. Imagine how rejoicing people on both sides welcome the dismantling of the wall. They see each other as friends. Their differences do not create animosity any more but interest instead. Together they have started to create a new culture. Here you can listen to the audio recording of the text: http://sabine-lichtenfels.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Overcoming-walls.mp3