Connection to Almendres

I am the messenger to the indigenous peace knowledge of Portugal. I stand for the power of community. I guard the indigenous power of peace of this country, Portugal, which once was called the country of the dragon. I am deeply connected with the power of the ancestors, the prehistoric power of community, which left its  information in the stone circle of Almendres. I guard the pre-historic tribal wisdom. I guard the pre-historic peace wisdom. I connect this power with the Zeitgeist pulsating in this country today. Very close under the level of the patriarchal history of destruction you can hear my messages. The peace wisdom of this country is revealed and it wants to be called upon. Long lost knowledge is revealed and wants to lead into a future which will contribute to the healing of Europe and finally to the healing of this world. It is accessible. Connected to me, you can see the healed source of future communities. You can see, how autonomous individuals of a community to connect to a higher force and open to an aligning principle, for an aligning organ. Autonomous individuals and true power of community aren’t contradictions. The natural hierarchy of life, which depends on every being seeing and taking its role, is developed in their interplay. Every individual is a communitarian undertaking. As every organism depends on its organs to cooperate to function on the long run, so is every community depended on every individual knows their place in the whole. This is the base for true trust amongst each other. It is the base for truth to be able to be spoken. Which in turn is necessary for the development of true peace on this earth. Whoever knows the being of community, sees the aligning principles of a humane future. War and crime rule this earth because community wisdom was destroyed. This knowledge wants to be rediscovered. It is universal form of life of all beings, humans, plants, animals, elements and invisible beings. Take on your work. Put yourself into service, wherever you live. A functioning community needs its powers to recognize, support and complement each other. Perceive, that your primal being is a communitarian being. Perceive, that your primal being is connected with the whole. You can access this universal knowledge only with an open heart and you will see that something in you always knows what to do. Establish yourself again! Connect to your primal source which lets you discover what you are need for here and now to guide human life into a healing future. Discover, that all life is organised in community. Blessed be the universal knowledge of community. Discover, that the whole cosmology of the universe wants to unite inside of you in a way that you can say: I am here, I am ready. Ya Azim. (Meditation text about the archetypal power of Almendres, received and composed by Sabine Lichtenfels) Here you can listen to the audio recording of the Almendres stone: