Trust can be learned

thumbWe find ourselves in times of global transformation. What is the inner necessary system change?


“There is only one existence.

As long as you believe in your own distress, you reinforce the global field of distress.

Use the freedom that you have and let go of believing in your suffering. Do this on behalf of all those who now do not have this freedom and this power and who urgently need your help.


There is healing only if you accept love.

Connect with the power of calm and perception that leads to true seeing.

Notice that trust is an active step that you can and must decide to take, here and now. Notice that trust can be learned.


Take leave of fear. Enter into the state of encompassing love. Currently, that is the highest and most encompassing step toward world peace that you can take.

It is so simple, so elementary and so true. Become aware of your inner light, which comes from trust, and follow it. The rest occurs all by itself.

As soon as you realize that the freedom of a life that is fully lived is within you, here and now, and that you can choose trust, peace and happiness, you strengthen a global field of trust, which also can take effect in areas of crisis.

Become a bringer of light by studying these laws.

Ya azim.”


Excerpt from the book ‘Sources of Love and Peace’ by Sabine Lichtenfels: Your Step toward World Peace
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