From the ego to the higher self

(Excerpts from the book ‘Grace – Pilgrimage for a future without war’) edited by Juliette Baigler On the path many traps await us, mostly set up by the ego as it crouches ready to instigate new wars the ego continually feels attacked and fights back. It is the ego living and thinking of attack and defence. It has been traumatised for hundreds of years and has become addicted to the suffering with which it nourishes itself. The strategies of war governed by cultures and politics worldwide are mirrored in the microcosm of the human being, in each individual. I call it the ego-trap. At some point the human being separated itself from the whole of Creation and with that brought forth the ego. At some point in the Creation it happened, the human being separated itself from the whole of Creation and with it brought forth the ego. This is a historic process of the separation of the human being from its divine source which leaves it without continuity in itself. Therefore identification with the ego is always connected to fear and pain. The beginning lies principally in the fact that we no longer know our higher self and we therefore cannot truly accept ourselves. We do not have a complete image of ourselves. A threatened “something” rages within us, something from the past, which we call “I.” It keeps itself alive with the glances of others and with the struggle to be acknowledged because it has lost its deepest ground, its shelter and protection in the divine world. You feel that you are not being seen and acknowledged and immediately you begin to fight. The return to the source signifies death to the ego. This is the perception of an ego which has not yet recognised that it awaits transformation into a higher gestalt. Just as the caterpillar knows nothing of its metamorphosis into a butterfly, so the ego knows nothing of its birth into a higher, divine self. (…) Only when you stop fighting will you truly disband old patterns. A long way, a deep way, a necessary way to inner peace! Step by step we climb higher on the ladder to our divine source. This is the Christ nature within us. No one can abandon me, if I do not abandon others. Love paves its own ways when I stay with love. Sometimes this leads to more closeness and sometimes to more distance, sometimes to aloneness but never to abandonment. God cannot leave you. This is the deepest and the latest realisation which confronts all of the martyr-trauma. Deep inside of you, you are nothing less than the mainstay of God. And how could it be possible that God leaves himself? All the desperate attempts to identify with something other than the divine source within us stem only from having forgotten that God exists within us. Sooner or later we shall have to return to there. Nothing else will endure within ourselves. Ya Azim (Meditation text about the archetypal power of the higher self, quoted from a book by Sabine Lichtenfels) Here you can listen to the audio recording of the stone: