The Correct Handling of Resistance

I attend to the way resistance is handled. When you work with matter you come to know the power of resistance. It is an elemental force, built into the way matter works, which can teach you many things. In me you can experience the symbiosis of inner work and outer experiences. It is the energy of resistance that allows us to grow and to experience the power of the will. Resistance is not something to simply get rid of. You will learn to see through it and to use it wisely. The material world works through resistance. We grow through experiences of internal and external resistance and, bit by bit, we learn to connect to this strength in a way that is healing. It is the way you handle resistance that will decide whether or not your action is successful. It is about recognizing internal resistance and transforming it. Resistance is a force that, combined with your inner will, will make a difference to the greater whole. You come to know me in physical effort, for example on a steep mountain ascent. Every step has to be won. Again and again your body wants to collapse but there is an untameable will that connects you to your goal: the summit. And then again the resistance in you screams more and more vehemently: “Enough, I‘m done! This is too much, I can‘t do it.” The master in you remains a calm witness to this internal process. It is as if the one screaming and shouting in you is not you! Your interaction with matter has become so stable that a higher power can take over. These words come from within you: “Let the POWER do. The POWER is always capable.” Even if something in you is completely exhausted, something in you can continue as soon as the inner dialogues cease. A part of yourself continues walking you silently; it is as if it pushes you from behind. And so you walk on, in the truest sense of the words, “Not by your own power”. Listen into the great strength that we receive when learn to handle resistance in such a way that even the most tender energies find their place and space. Those who have learned to be in touch with me can move mountains. Those who have learned to cooperate with me will experience a great heart-opening because matter gives thanks to everybody who approaches its mystery with deep respect. Great master–builders, great technicians, great inventors have been guided by me and refined their skills with me, through which they came to much success. You’ll not be able to see as long as you‘re a victim of resistance. Tell yourself, “I have decided to see”. Because you cannot really see if you have already made your mind up about the world. When your mind is not disciplined, resistance will rule you. When you step into the great will, resistance will transform into a mighty power within you. Ya Azim (Meditation text about the archetypal power of resistance, received and composed by Sabine Lichtenfels)   Here you can listen to the audio recording of the stone: