From the matrix of fear to the matrix of healing

A meditation on the question, how does a morphogenetic field of peace arise?   To understand this you must recognise that this field is latently fully present. Over and again you are brought to the question: are you ready to recognise the peace power within you and in the world and to take it on? You have been dealing with the question of the Christ murder. No child’s soul and no open adult soul will ever understand how a world came to be in which Christ could be nailed to the cross or that a god would allow this. And so it is that in every new soul that searches for a path of faith, the same drama repeats. There is a particular point in the soul, where you approach the sacred matrix and where faith wants to rejoice, that a boundless pain comes along with the anticipation that when I fully connect to my Christ power I’ll be nailed to the cross. This is of central significance because this pain body is rampant world-wide. It’s the war against the divine source of life that you as humanity have succumbed to. You could not take message of resurrection as a basis for your societies. It is on this point that groups stand to ‘defend the sacred’ with the absolute dedication to not let themselves be crushed by the imperialistic system but to understand the laws and rules that are deeper and therefore more powerful. (…) (Excerpt from the morning meditation of Sabine Lichtenfels) Listen to the recording of the meditation here: