What does it mean for you, ‘not by own power’?

Excerpt from the book ‘Sources of Love and Peace’ by Sabine Lichtenfels:   I Am Your Highest Duty May your day be MY day; may MY day be your day. May every one of your days be a new discovery and our joint feast. Do not accept the excuse any more that it is not possible due to your many duties. I am your highest duty; you find ME within every true duty. Connect with MY becoming and the entire wisdom of Creation is at your disposal. You only live this life once; it would be absurd to miss out on it. As long as you fight against ME, you are fighting a losing battle. Together with ME, you shine with the wisdom of your own heart. (…) I can do nothing without human beings, for the freedom to be for or against Creation lies within human beings themselves. But the human being cannot, in the long run also, achieve anything without ME. I am not a God behind all things. Every seeing human being finds ME in all of existence. I tell you again: Love is not something that one has to receive, that one has to fight for, that one has to divide into parts, like a cake, and that one has to hold on to and defend like a fortress. Love is endless. Love is I. If you try to cling to the old when change occurs, you will lose ME and become miserable. When you change with ME, you remain connected with the spiritual laws of the joy of life and power. There is always enough, when you are connected with ME. How to recognize ME, always and everywhere, is a matter of learning. (…) You can purchase the book here: http://verlag-meiga.org/shop/sources-love-peace/