What is my next step?

thumbBefore you ask this very personal question you are invited to connect to the whole, to creation. Everything originates in effortlessness but nothing remains undone. Listen to the wind and to the sound of the Earth and feel that you are part of that whole. While asking for your next step connect to your heart. Notice it’s beat and how there’s nothing you have to do about it. In this sense feel what wants to be done through you, from creation, from the divine. Feel into the whole and feel who you are in this symphony. From here you will know what your next step wants to be.
How does my step serve the whole? And how can I be healed by the whole? Wait until a certain joy comes to your heart. And also a sense of necessity. This will guide you.

Leave behind habits that don’t serve you anymore. These habits always try to disconnect you from the whole. Enter the space of curiosity and not knowing. Feel that in the center of the universe there is universal love as the steering power. Open your heart for this.(…)

(Excerpt of the morning meditation by Sabine Lichtenfels)

You can listen to the recording of the meditation here: