What is sacred?

Through perceiving and honouring the sacred miracle of life you reflect it’s original shining power back to it. You feel the power of love. You feel the original shine of the sacred matrix. There are not many words for that. This is a space which vibrates in the frequency of eternity,that fulfills you and in which all things shine in its sacred light. Here is the source. Here is the power. Here is the beauty. Here is the love. Here the rhythm of life vibrates at a different rate. You feel the meaning of humanity and you see it in a different light. You recognize the task that you all have taken for this life time. Those who return to the sacred matrix feel the boundless protection which is a quality of universal love. At the same time you feel great responsibility for the task of keeping the powers of life in balance. You feel that the conception of life takes place in a sacred realm. You feel the immense significance of sexual power as the origin of conception. You are full of respect as you perceive this miracle. Take time, take space to reconnect fully to that source of life. Recognize how deeply important it is to take care of the sacred balance and connection between feminine and masculine power … at its source there is respect, there is love, there is contemplation, there is power. The Earth needs the awakening human being. The awakening human being will naturally take responsibility for life, in full humility and respect. Blessed be this week. Defend the sacred. Recognize the sacred and let it come into your life. Ya Azim.