What is truth?

What does truth mean from a cosmic point of view? There are things almost everybody would accept as truth. In all cultures we know people say that the sky is blue or a circle is round. A square has four corners. There are things which are easy to accept as truth. Logic carries truth within. Nevertheless, if you really come in contact with the depth of life and you go into deep meditation, you will discover that coming closer to truth, there is fear in you. You feel some inner fear or resistance. You will notice that it is the fear of people avoiding you if you really say what you think or what you feel. This is an inner process where we will discover that most societies are based on not allowing truth to be expressed. We all know about the Christ murder. We know that people where tortured, i.e. when they discovered that the Earth was round and not flat. At this point it becomes very challenging for us to express a truth of which we know that this truth is not accepted in normal society. Here it is very important that you learn to come to the depth of it, to learn to meditate and really discover what your inner truth is. Wilhelm Reich spoke about truth stating that truth is the discovery or the revelation between the one that perceives and that which is being perceived. This is a point of contact. We call it revolutionary to dare to listen deeply to the truth of life. Here we can see that divine power is in the core of truth. If you have learned to discover who you really are, you won’t fear the truth anymore. If you discover the deepest nature of all beings you won’t fear the truth anymore. And you will develop a deep consciousness – the consciousness of truth. From here real compassion arises. (…) (Excerpt of the morning meditation of Sabine Lichtenfels) Find the complete audio recording of the morning meditation here: http://sabine-lichtenfels.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Rdkwahrheit.m4a