Solid as a rock

IN SOLIDARITY WITH STANDING ROCK We try to find the picture in which we are not fighting, in which we are not hating but in which we are ready to stand for the sacred of life. We know that they at their place are not separated from what we are doing here at our places. And in order to find the picture of real success for them, we also have to find the picture for ourselves at our places. How can we stay connected in solidarity? In this sense we want to set a sign. We invite all our friends to set a stone at their places as a symbol of solidarity. But mainly we want to find a way how the universal energies can act through us. We invite the peace power, we invite the awareness to fully stand up in ourselves so that we are protecting our surrounding. That we are building communities which are needed right now to step out of the system of violence. Let us find the power that is no more reacting but which is connecting with the power of prayer. With the power of the universal life energy. Let us come together. Let us think together. Let us work together to find this energy. In this sense we express our gratitude to our friends at Standing Rock. And we want to express our solidarity. We will meditate with you regularly. We will find this power inside of ourselves and in our surrounding. Let us create places for peace. Let us create a big network of the heart on this planet.