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The Global Campus is an international training platform in the Tamera Peace Research Center. It consists of a growing network of base stations. These are pioneer and model projects for the transition to a new human culture across various regions.

At the moment it consists of the following stations: the Peace Community San José de Apartadó in Colombia, the Favela da Paz in São Paulo, Brazil, the founding group to build a Peace Research Village (PRV) in Israel and the Global Campus Palestine in Palestine, the Permaculture center OTEPIC in Kenya, the peace group Inla Kesh in Chiapas, Mexico, and Tamera Healing Biotope 1 in Odemira, Portugal.

The Global Campus training is designed to support the base stations in questions of food self-sufficiency, energy autonomy, water management, community building and the study of peace knowledge.

The project follows the idea that establishing autonomous, decentralized communities of trust creates a humane future. We want to create a planetary consciousness for this. The separation and identification will be replaced by the realization that we are all in the same boat. We begin to assume global responsibility. When the local crisis issues, which are often menacing in the projects, are placed and understood in a global context the solutions can be more easily developed on this planetary level.

The methodology and the political strategy of the Global Campus deals with the re-appropriation of the lost principle of community. Every human being has the deep need for acceptance and belonging. This need has been deviated from and abused throughout history. The Global Campus helps build community structures in which the natural humane side of human begins to blossom by itself again.

Trust is the greatest healing power that we know. Through the establishment of decentralized, autonomous communities of trust, the Global Campus helps to initiate a global system change and develop a humane culture in which the lives of the people is in accordance with the logic of life.

The Global Campus works closely with the Terra Nova School. The stations are thus part of a planetary and evolutionary movement of humanity; they work in their locations on the highest relevance of survival knowledge. This cooperation results in a movement for life, which combines intelligent resistance with the creation of alternatives and the development of planetary peace information.

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