Sabine Lichtenfels

Ring of Power

MarissiCosmogram_transA global spiritual network of peace

In every moment the sun is rising somewhere in the world. At many places and in many cultures people greet her in their own special way. Some of these are are peace workers who join in the ‘Ring of Power’.

In 2002 Sabine Lichtenfels founded the Ring of Power, a spiritual peace-network. Since then she enters into a sunrise meditation every Monday and invites people from all over the world to do the same at their places. Over the years she and her team sent an inspirational text, in different languages, to many recipients on all continents.

Babette_TrommelSabine Lichtenfels:

“The Ring of Power addresses all those peace workers who know that spiritual research and political action belong together. You will only be able to realize as much peace in the outside world as you have realized within.
Close cooperation with all powers of peace is the connecting thought of the Ring of Power. I, myself, do a morning attunement at sun rise to connect myself to the power of universal love and all cosmic peace powers.
I wish that a spiritual-political meditation ring around the globe begins, holding the Ring of Power.

Thoughts create reality – may we strengthen the peace bringing powers through our meditation.

A warm welcome to the Ring of Power.”



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