Cosmogram “Ring of Power” – Meaning


MarisisMessage of “The Ring of Power Stone” (in the stone circle of Tamera): 
received by Sabine Lichtenfels

“I am the daughter of the Goddess.

I have been called Isis, Maria or Astarte, Ishtar, Innana or Tara. My force carries a different name in every culture.

Connected with the power of the sun, I dedicate my power to the rebirth of an encompassing culture of partnership and love. I am the re-awakened understanding that everything is connected with everything and that nothing separate can exist. The spirit in matter re-awakens in me, as I am the servant of the Goddess. I guard the dawn and the ring of peace forces which take part in this historic dawning of a new culture. I ensure that the great international family of the heart, which lives, works and thinks for peace, meets again. From my source a Ring of Power builds.

I also light the dark womb of the night, the birth channel of subterranean chambers, connected with the light of the moon and fertility. I accompany these processes with the light of universal love. (…)

In the dawn I announce the birth of a new culture and call on beings to remember.”