Spiritual Research

“There are spiritual energies that can be accessed everywhere in the world – forces of consciousness are at work everywhere. The human being can perceive these forces of consciousness and enter into cooperation with them. Prayer research means that I enter into resonance with the vibrational pattern of universal information. I step out of the kind of thinking that comes from separation and definitions and begin to perceive and cooperate with all forces of consciousness.

In prayer we can study and learn to understand the logic of universal love. In prayer we connect with the thinking power of the heart.

There is neither a God outside of the human being, nor is there no God. The universal divine aspect of Creation wants to realized through us humans. This is a dialectic process of becoming. The Divine is the highest creative and spiritual goal image of the entire universe and of all things becoming. The human being has the task of bringing this power of consciousness onto earth and realizing it.”

Cooperation with cosmic forces; excerpt from the book “Sources of Love and Peace” by Sabine Lichtenfels