The team of the Ring of Power invites for deepening and networking

The team of the Ring of Power invites for deepening and networking

This Proposal is for all friends and participants of the Ring of Power who are longing for more contact and exchange in spiritual research.

Invitation to join the Webinar of the Ring of Power 26th Novembre 2023 and 31th Decembre


We invite all those who would like to network more remotely. Many regularly participate in the morning meditation of the Ring of Power and have a longing for deepening and more contact in spiritual research. For this we have the following proposal.
With a donation of 30 euros or more, we will send you an activation link and you can log in for the webinar.
We want to make it possible for everyone who makes a donation to publish their input. After you have received the activation link, you have the possibility to post your thoughts and experiences as a comment on the page of the Ring of Power, below the video. You can find the page of the Ring of power in the menu: Fields of work/Defend the sacred/Ring of power.

Here you can find the date and later also the activation link for the coming webinars Ring of Power:

26/11/2023 and 31/12/2023

The webinar starts at 19:00 Portuguese time (UTC). 

The projects we want to finance together at the moment are the following:

The pre-financing of the book: The Stone Circle, 96 Original Images for Peace, with additional card set and supplement book. Since the book will be in colour and also the cards have been designed artistically with much love, the publishing house needs a total of 24,000 Euros in advance financing. We would like to contribute to this with our work.

If you have any questions or want to register please contact: We will send you the access link as soon as we receive your donation.
Please include in your donation where you would like your money to go.
Keywords are MarIsis – if you don’t mind us deciding where the money goes or enter one of the following keywords:
Stone Circle Book or or Travel Fund.

We thank you in advance and are looking forward to working with you

Sabine Lichtenfels and the MarIsis Team