Humanization of Money

“What we need for a new economy are new self-sufficient communitarian entities, which we call “Healing Biotopes” or “Peace Research Villages”. In these vessels people re-learn to become aware of their sources and their cosmic origin, to get to know the natural resources of their lives more deeply, and to protect, to honour and to sustainably consolidate them within themselves. Such places need a completely new perception of the economy of life.
The new peace culture which will develop from the cooperation between these peace research centers is going to give a whole new meaning to money.
How will the role models for this new economy be found?
There is an economy of nature, and this economy has been developed over millions of years in the course of evolution: Wouldn’t it be recommendable for us to take this kind of economy as an example to develop an economy for humanity?
What are the basic principles of nature? How do living beings organise their co-habitation naturally and in cooperation with their surroundings in order to build small but stable biotopes and cycles in bigger dimensions?
Some of these basic principles are:
1. Building systems with maximum complexity to reach utmost stability.
2. Connecting or combining these systems to reach ever
higher levels of order by means of this increasing complexity.
3. To be able to do this, all systems of nature are systems which are open towards the whole – not closed systems.
4. They dispose of a high degree of decentralisation and job-sharing.
5. Symbiosis: mutual support by means of exchanging
“waste products” which are nutritional for others.
A beautiful and simple example for this is the air we breathe: Plants “exhale” oxygen and “inhale” carbon dioxide, animals and people do the exact opposite. They need the oxygen exhaled by the plants, exhaling the carbon dioxide the plants need in turn. This is a simple form of global symbiotic support.
6. No equivalence of giving and taking, but rather the building of the greatest possible energy, information and material cycles for the best possible sustenance for all participants.
7. Adjustment of the living being to the individual environmental conditions (flexibility).


When we re-learn to give and to allow ourselves to receive in the areas of money or profession we will also re-learn this in the area where it seems most difficult: the area of love. Giving love from the abundance of the heart, that’s true affluence and certainly also a part of the entelechy of every human being. (…)”

Excerpt of the text: “HUMANIZATION OF MONEY – Basic Principles of a Globally Agreeable Economy in Harmony with the Laws of Life” by Rainer Ehrenpreis