Sabine Lichtenfels

Landscape park & Nature cathedral MarIsis

MarIsis is a spiritual landscape park under construction in Tamera. It represents the re-entry of the human into cooperation with the sources of wisdom of life. In its center stands the stone-circle of Tamera, a natural cathedral, modern artwork, symbol and power-place for a peace-culture. From there, pilgrims paths lead through the landscape in Tamera past an ever more complex network of power-places. Those are geomantic places in nature where energetic, spiritual and natural forces unite; we work on designing these places according to their inherent nature. Next to the landscape design, we also create art-work and sculptures to present the character of the different power-places. More and more people in the community of Tamera participate in taking care of these power-places and being open for the messages of nature. MarIsis is a research area in which we learn to reconnect with the information system of life, which is always present as a helping force on our side. The modern human can no longer perceive this information system, We have violated and exploited it through blatant neglect. Our work in MarIsis is meant as a healing impulse for the soul-forces of nature.

On about 6 hectares of the MarIsis land we intensified our research: “Terra Deva” especially focusses on interspecies-communication, as well as the reconciliation and cooperation with animals and natural forces to serve the potential renaturation of earth.

Every monday morning at sunrise, a growing global network of participants meditate together for the Ring of Power: A meditation guided by Sabine Lichtenfels,where people on different power-places go into perception and contact. We look for counterparts within the forces of nature and ask a question which should serve the vision of a new earth – ‘Terra Nova’. Afterwards we share the messages with each other. Sabine Lichtenfels records her insights and publishes them to the network.