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I am gratitude. I am a declaration of love for life. I am a key to a fulfilled existence. If you consciously connect to the things you can be grateful for each day, a deep feeling of calm and joy will expand inside you. A prayer which carries gratitude contains the highest power of manifestation. I am grateful. This is my thought. This is my prayer. This is my reality, from which I recreate and suffuse with light everything which enters my life. I emerged from ungratefulness.  I took so...

The Movement for a free Earth

Courage for a new awakening I am the original "Movement for a Free Earth" – grace. I strengthen the courage for a new planetary start. I make it possible for ever more people to participate in the creation of new visions of the future and the development of new professions through which they place what they do in the service of the world. The Movement for a Free Earth, I call it grace, shall strengthen the courage for a new awakening worldwide. Grace shall make it possible for more and...