October 30th

October 30th

In Tamera today is celebrated Samhain, originally a Celtic holiday, where the legend says that the gate to the ancestral world is especially opened. We have been using this day for several years to connect with all those close to us who have passed away. It is a special day of reflection and meditation for those who want and need it.

On our so-called “sacred mountain” below the stone circle, we have set up a small memorial for all those people from the peace community of San José de Apartado who have been killed there in recent years. I usually spend a vigil night at our altar and in the stone circle in Tamera for Ancestor’s Day, and Andrea gathers people at the memorial every year.  This year is the first time we are not in Tamera.

To get into the swing of things, we take the cable car up the mountain, which is about 2800 meters high, to the Black Madonna of Monsarrate. It is Sunday and there are many people on the way. Densely packed, we join the queue, actually an absurd undertaking, which I would normally not do voluntarily. But a voice is clearly calling us up the mountain. “In God there is no waiting,” is my power sentence and Andrea and I use the time for animated conversations.

Tightly packed, people stand close together, some with masks, others without, friendly women alert us to watch our bags. A strange mixture of trust and mistrust. Pickpockets are part of everyday life here.

It is strange what fascination the black Madonna has on people. Originally brought here from Spain, she has become a landmark for the city.

Where does this magic come from? The black Madonna is associated with mourning, pain, transformation, but also protection and security.

On the mountain, a mass awaits us – modernized Christian songs sound from the loudspeakers, dogs, tourists, people praying, everything mixes into a strange scenario. The priest finds amazingly stirring words about the situation of mankind and the earth. Again and again the word “paz” falls. Somehow moving – there are seekers gathered here, possibly hiding behind the anonymous faces men from the paramilitary, next to them deeply believing Catholics, right and left, longing seekers, all under one big roof, praying for peace. In front of us, a young woman with braids kneels fervently praying next to her German shepherd. Above us, the black Madonna is enthroned, holding a sphere in her hand that represents the universe. How much violence she has seen, how much despair, how many tears!

And next to this seemingly mendacious layer, there is something powerful that pervades all worldviews and calls for pause.

We also join for a while in silent meditation, next to all Catholicism. I feel this place is a place of power and we visit it on every trip to Colombia to connect with the vibration of this land.

Afterwards we look for our place in nature, climb over a small fence, take our rattle and our singing bowl with us and celebrate the ancestor day in our own way and listen in to what awaits us on this journey, what needs to be considered and greet our comrades from the invisible world!

How many centuries have old religious rites that have become hollow and institutions that have become religiously rigid wrestled with the revolutionary, searching soul that longs for freedom, human justice and truth among human beings. And the earth patiently lets it happen to itself, perhaps also full of longing for the awakening human beings.

For us it was a nourishing and strengthening day.

Our journey begins. The last days were very intense!

In Tamera I could say goodbye on our mountain of vision. The mountain of vision – a stupa – a Buddhist monument is to be built up there. The landscape park MarIsis is taking shape!

What a land we have at our disposal! And what a learning process to cooperate with the forces of the earth. When we have learned it there again, we will be able to do it more easily among people, because we are again bedded in trust in life.

The landscape parl should nourish our visionary power and clearly show that we, as an emerging healing biotope, are open to many different cultural impulses. What have we received and learned from the cultural impulses of this earth – and what do we give back. And always the question is: what serves the vision of a peace project that wants to make an essential contribution to be able to transform violence on all levels.

May the community find from within the vision that corresponds to our freedom and our commitment.