Diary entry on the Ring of Power by sabine Lichtenfels from 15.04.2024

Diary entry on the Ring of Power by sabine Lichtenfels from 15.04.2024

We draw the card “Transformation of the Warrior” while the Claw of War manifests itself more and more on the outside. What a choan! Iran attacks Israel. An eye for an eye – a tooth for a tooth. The millennia-old tradition of the punishing God reaches its climax. A harshness where there is no more room for the heart. And America and Germany stand on Israel’s side and prove their strength.

Of course we are relieved that the drones have been intercepted. But that is no consolation. As long as this matrix prevails, there can be no end to the war. More and more people are beginning to see this.

How trauma drives humanity to commit inhuman atrocities such as those we are now seeing in the Middle East. If you find peace and time, it is worth reading the new text “The terrible legacy of history”. by Dieter Duhm.

It was published at the time. Thank you for that. https://zeitpunkt.ch/das-schlimme-erbe-der-menschheit

It’s very quiet inside me – the many letters from Israeli friends, the desperate search for a way out, the increasing helplessness and, alongside it, a powerful spring. Flowers are still blooming and lovers are still embracing.

The waking night, when the drones flew across the night sky, put me to bed for the time being.

Something wants to be quiet, even quieter, not come up with hasty answers. To allow spring in my own heart. I feel something urging me to rebirth, that longs for a commentary. May the card “the nurse” accompany us this week in the quiet presence.