Diary entry on the Ring of Power by Sabine Lichtenfels from 03.03.2024

Diary entry on the Ring of Power by Sabine Lichtenfels from 03.03.2024

For me, the special thing about last week was that I was able to explore the quality of the Earth Keeper in the crystals more deeply. A peace matrix that was inherent in creation long before we as humans colonized this planet. And this quality now wants to be rediscovered and remembered within us.

The film “Village of lovers” emphasizes the creation impulse of love and our public online love school was accordingly well attended as more and more people become aware of this founding impulse.

The beauty of the past week was the encounter with many people who are open to these human questions of love – for two weeks we were able to experience a virtual community spirit together: a global and regional community network is being strengthened in this way. Thanks to technology, we were able to address the topic globally: what does it mean to learn love? Why is love a political issue?

It is touching to experience the commitment of so many people – it is as if a new field is being prepared in latency. The Earth Keeper card could encourage us to stay true to this great vision – a love free from fear, loss and jealousy.

Just as with the law of leverage, we need to find the point where heavy weights can be moved easily, with this theme we get to the core where the unconscious war matirx can be disempowered and we can discover and unfold the laws of true love. Of course, we also had to see and work on our collective and personal trauma – and yet perceive the healing impulse behind it.

For us, the week begins with the intention “inner and outer peace.

Linked to this intention, we are working together to build an instrument that will hold this intention for us, both within Tamera and for the region.

This is a major undertaking – it challenges us, despite all the turbulence and conflict, not to miss the direction in our souls, which always remains connected to the research question: What is peace really? Can we end the war? Do we know the information of a healthy future that is already within us?

When we follow the news, we need the innocence of a child to stay connected to the knowledge that peace is possible.

The card “Nammu” 2, one of the oldest mythological goddess figures from Mesopotamia and Sumer, is meant to encourage us this week to find the quality of origin within us.