November 1st

November 1st

What an intense day. In the morning at 8 a first meeting, we are invited for breakfast by Jorge Rojas, whom we have known for many years.  One of the supporting forces of the new president, Jorge Rojas Rodríguez from Pereira, social communicator – journalist (U Tadeo Lozano) and Master in International Relations, who spent much of his life in the department of Córdoba, where he was head of government press and political journalist for several media. He has a very central important post in prospect, (which we do not publish yet, not until it becomes official.) In 2008 he published the book “At the gates of Ubérrimo”, which deals with the phenomenon of paramilitarism in the region of Córdoba (Colombia) and its political and social legitimacy in the elites of the region


Since his early youth, Jorge dedicated himself to the study and defense of human rights. He lovingly prepared a breakfast for us, all typical Colombian specialties. He is a person with a lot of heart and an unconditional will to make a meaningful contribution to the peace movement. We met him during our first visit here in Colombia, at that time still a young revolutionary, a journalist with a high commitment for justice, today a man with much kindness, strength and determination! He knows that we must remain faithful to the force of peace within, that the external revolution must be accompanied by an internal one, and that the external revolution does not happen overnight, especially when it comes to the true discovery of humanity.


He tells us about the situation of the country from his point of view. I understand quite a lot, but unfortunately I cannot speak Spanish and I thank Andrea for her tireless willingness to translate. Jorge also believes that Petro Gustavo is the first president who wants peace, not only on paper, but with all his heart, not only for a certain group of people, but for everyone in the country. He describes to us the many challenges that come from many sides, and what patience is needed right now, for a revolutionary soul. The leftists are not moving fast enough, Petro Ossposition learns from the side, the rightists are resisting as strongly and forcefully as they can, because one feels one’s own position endangered.

In this country, where the fight with weapons has become the norm, the mistrust and the habit of thinking in old patterns is powerful!

Petro himself was a guerrilla in the armed resistance for a long time, and many who have consciously laid down their arms now know more about nonviolence and are trying completely new ways.

In the conversation with Jorge, I was touched by his enormous love for Tamera. We have to learn to see ourselves sometimes through the eyes of the world, to understand what hopeful people we are. This also gives us strength and perseverance to face our own limits where we are.

Jorge emphasizes again and again that he would prefer to be in Tamera and often does not understand why he was not with us long ago. We gave him a small writing by Delon (Dieter Duhm) about the plan of the healing biotopes and he takes it to his heart gratefully and with great joy.


It is touching to see how hope flares up once again in the country. I often emphasize in my public speeches that the most important change will not come from governments, but when people who are so deeply ready for self-transformation, as I perceive here just now, then this gives new hope for new forms of governments.


Later we meet Gloria Guartas a second time. She tells us the great importance of places, like the peace community for the current politics of the country and how fragile the situation is.

Gloria takes on a great role because she also has to interact with people from the so-called opposite side. She describes to us the soul plan that she carries in her heart, and this plan corresponds exactly to the vision that we already carried in our hearts on our last trip four years ago.


 At that time, President Santos was a beacon of hope for many, ushering in a peace agreement. The image of so-called mirkosocialisms, small decentralized groups that address the country’s ecological and technological issues, protect the rainforest and develop new forms of social coexistence, was strengthened.  Santos became president of peace in Europe, but he has in no way kept his promises; on the contrary, the withdrawal of the armed guerrillas has led to an increase in deforestation in the rainforest, and the paramilitary, which officially no longer exists, has been able to continue unhindered with the assassination of many leaders.   Thus, the bitterness, the disappointment, the anger, the hunger and the misery have only grown in recent years on the poor side of the population. We, too, were disappointed and the question often arose in our minds, are we only pursuing crazy dreams?


But now this dream is coming closer again and it is good to experience it so closely.

In the vision, the peace community can become a kind of training ground for people who have laid down their arms and still resist corruption and violence. Former guerrillas should start their ecological work in the country in the area, and settle around the peace community. People such as the military and armed groups are being asked by official government officials to leave the area. And this time, such a proposal is supposed to come from the government. This is a huge difference from the previous situation, where such proposals came only from a small detached peace initiative.  Thus, this plan gets a much higher chance of realization. Gloria urges us to write a letter to the president. She wants him to take note of the intensive work on building decentralized peace models and Tamera’s role in it. Contacting him now is not useful, as an emergency situation has been declared in the country at the moment, due to huge floods.

There is an enormous power of awakening in Gloria.

At the same time, she knows that it takes a great deal of negotiating power, enormous perseverance and determination. A truth commission has been formed. We cannot go into further details here.


I thank them all for their courage. It also gives us strength to remain true to our path, against all odds.


Finally, we meet Martha, a woman, a human rights activist, quiet, modest, warm-hearted and determined, she goes for human rights, earth rights and animal rights, she lives with 34 dogs, she intervenes wherever she can and she has been in contact with the peace community for many years. She describes to us the difficult situation that Corona has brought upon the country. Unemployment, hunger and sickness have increased enormously. She is meeting Andrea for a second time today, they are good friends and together they have, often unnoticed by many, an enormous realization power.  While I will hold a webinar, the two will have breakfast together and once free of Überstzungsfragen, talk to each other.