Webinars from the Ring of Power

Webinars from the Ring of Power

Practical tips for participating in the Ring of Power webinars

Dates for 2024:

The webinars take place on the last Sunday of each month.
July Summer break
The webinars start at 8 p.m. (German time) and last until approx. 9.15 p.m.


The booking is made by bank transfer via this link:

You can either pay for the selected webinar or for the whole year. Please enter either the selected month or 2024 in the subject line. After the transfer we can activate you and send you the zoom link.


We look forward to your donations. This supports the work of the MarIsis team and our Tamera community.

The money raised will go towards the projects that we at the MarIsis team are planning and towards the basic budget of Tamera.

If you would like to take part but are not financially able to do so, please get in touch and we will think about it together.

For us, the donation is also a sign of commitment. We would like to organize webinars from which we can gradually develop a binding supra-regional cooperation.

One-off participation:

You can take part in a webinar for a one-off donation of 30 euros or more.

Year-round participation:

For an annual donation of 200 euros or more, you can participate in all webinars in 2024.

You can also publish your own entries in the web blog if you participate throughout the year.

Sabine will post a weekly spiritual diary in this blog.

You can find the detailed invitation for deepening and networking here