Prayer for Brazil

Prayer for Brazil

Prayer for Brazil

We connect with the sacredness of life, the web that interconnects all beings. We open up and listen to Earth’s guidance, her sacred design and infinite loving wisdom.

We direct our attention to the land nowadays referred to as Brazil. In our imagination, we embrace its rainforests and savannahs, waters and mountains, and all its beings – fungi, plants, animals, and humans – in gratitude for their diversity, power and profound medicine.

We also open ourselves to feel and witness the deep pain that this land and its beings carry — the suffering of ecological and social devastation, colonization, oppression, and violence. In our imagination, we hold all those hurting with our love and compassion.

Underneath all layers of separated existence, we perceive and connect with the particular vibration of this specific part of Earth’s body and connect with the dream that Earth dreams in this land and with all the beings that inhabit it. We let this healing frequency enter and resonate in our bodies.

We imagine how this vibration, rising and spreading from the land, resonates in more and more in groups, communities, and movements of people who carry and amplify it through how they think, speak and act.

Supported by this energy, we imagine a nonviolent change of power. We see Lula and his new government carried by this frequency. We see him embedded in a circle of sacred activists, a network of solidarity that extends throughout the entire country and is guided by Indigenous and feminine wisdom. We imagine the various ecological and social struggles converging into a unified movement for system change. A coherent force field now enables far-reaching societal transformation. Brazil completely halts deforestation of the Amazon and the Cerrado, and regenerates ecosystems, while community-based systems of solidarity bring about racial and economic equity.

We also embrace those with compassion whose action is currently destroying life, imagining how they too are touched by Earth’s healing frequency and begin to see the possibility of love and reconciliation. We direct our loving kindness to Jair Bolsonaro and his followers and imagine their hearts opening once again. Tears of grief are softening the armors of defense, recalling a deep memory of life’s inherent sacredness. Being opened in this way, we imagine Bolsonaro supporting this work in solidarity, even if he can’t show it publicly, and yielding to the tidal wave of transformation.

We see people of all ancestral backgrounds remembering their sacred relationship with the land, experiencing that genuine power is with Earth. As people follow Her guidance, communities and social movements gain a new moral authority and find themselves protected from attacks. They’ve left behind the matrix of fear and hostility. As more and more such groups interconnect, a mighty new field arises and becomes an unstoppable force of positive systemic transformation and collective healing.

When life wins, there will be no losers.