Diary entry on the Ring of Power by Sabine Lichtenfels from 11.02.2024

Diary entry on the Ring of Power by Sabine Lichtenfels from 11.02.2024

For this week, we had drawn Europe as a map.

After Samis Awad’s stirring words at the beginning of the week about Europe’s colonialism.

It is obvious that Europe stands for the shadow side, imperialism, control mania, masculinization of everything feminine. If I go back to the origins, Europe stands for foresight, basic trust, developmental power, clear thinking and speaking, future-oriented thinking and action in the present. 
In connection with the question: what is our task in Europe, I had the call to do what I had already been called to do last week: to visit the Almendres stone circle, one of the oldest prehistoric sites in Europe.

It was a journey through inner and outer resistance!

Uncovering the inner voice and really hearing it. Something powerful is changing. I was connected to the question: what is spiritual activism now?

On my journey to the stone circle of Almendres, my car stopped and had to be towed away. I almost turned around in resignation, but something told me not to give up. Once I had penetrated the inner layers of resistance, the instructions were very clear again.

The stone circle of Evora is completely enclosed. Even though it was disappointing not to be able to go directly to the stones, I have the impression that something is breathing, recovering – the whole ground is green again. I spent the new moon in meditation at ancient dolmens and menhirs. I visited Luisa Francia, who has built a “goddess house” here.

This week’s house challenge: to really open up to body awareness – the earth wants to give us information, demands that something becomes completely still so that the information can fully penetrate. My power sentence: “I am the power of peace that reveals itself through me because I let it work through me.”

With this attitude, I accompanied the release of the film “village of lovers” in an online summit. May the film encourage people not to give up.