Emergency call of the earth

Emergency call of the earth

Emergency call of the earth

February 2024

To all people who want to dedicate their lives to a new culture of peace.
Peace is a new dimension of your life. You all come from a divine world. There are other forces than violence and bombs to end misery and war. Open your channels to the ethical and spiritual forces that you have received from the divine world. Open your hearts to the life of all fellow human beings and all fellow creatures of the larger web of life. End your internal conflicts and do not react to attack with counter-attack, but preserve the human ethics of friendship, solidarity and kindness. Preserve them towards your love partners, your families and coworkers and also preserve them towards those whom you previously considered your enemies, including those who are inflicting great harm on others.

To all women and mothers.
You are the mother of all life. No man and no soldier can live without you. Unite and stop the war. You have the power to give birth to and protect life. Stand up to the distortion of war and violence and to the false orders of your governments and for protecting life. Do not let your children go to war, for you want life and not death. Let your lovers not become soldiers, for you want them as lovers, as fathers of your children and protectors of all living things.

To all lovers.
You are united in love to serve the earth and to give love to those who no longer have love. Do not let yourselves be caught up in jealousy, fear of loss and mutual struggle. Open your hearts also to the comprehensive love and compassion for all living things, then you will find the loyalty that is inherent in every true love relationship. Today, more people die from despair in love than from traffic accidents. A lasting partnership and a lasting community can only arise from firm trust.

To all soldiers.
Pause for a moment. Lay down your arms, no matter what party or nation you are from. Do not allow yourselves to be used, follow your own conscience. No longer obey orders that do not serve life, but death. Every single soul that has died a senseless death warns us of radical repentance. Your adventure is life, not war. When you unite with like-minded people and resist orders as a peace collective, a tremendous power is released, the power of resolute non-violence in the name of universal humanity.

To all rulers of this earth.
The time of domination is over. Power is not shown in war, but in building a future worth living. Stop weapons production and military thinking. As long as the economy profits from war, there will be no survival. Take power away from your enemies by no longer hating them. By hating you only destroy your own heart. There is no victory in fighting others. The victory that everyone needs today lies in the spiritual overcoming of war hypnosis by connecting with the sacred forces of life and love. Turn your military bases into peace research centers.

To all animal lovers.
Help the animals! They come from the same source as you humans. Like you, they are organs in the whole organism of life. Listen to the Dolphin and your friends of the seas and waters. If the organs do not work together properly, the whole organism does not function. The animals that surround us every day are always our friends and like to be close to us if they can meet us in full trust. Raise your voice against slaughterhouses, cruel animal husbandry and medical animal experiments. These things will no longer exist in the future peace villages. Help build the peace villages.

To all plant lovers.
There will be no peace among humans as long as you do not include the earth with all its beings. You are a community of all beings. Plants also have a soul, if you listen to them, they can also help. As long as you continue to destroy the rainforests, you are also destroying yourselves. The forest guards the lungs of this earth. Plants want to help you, they want to cooperate with you. It is not domination but cooperation that heralds the new age.

To all conservationists.
As humans you have learned to light the fire, now you are also called to consciously tend your fires! Guard your inner and outer fire and learn about the balance of power. Connect with the elements, the earth and keep your Klima pure.
Connect with your waters and realise how many wars have been fought over water. Water knows no war, no borders, no violence. Where living water flows, there is diversity and abundance. Join together to form decentralized communities that take responsibility for the natural water cycles. From water you learn something about the natural community of all living things. Where you hurt one part, you hurt the whole.

To the friends in Israel who keep their human heart.
We sense the pain you have experienced as a result of the Hamas attack on October 7. We also are aware of the pain that you have carried for so long as a collective memory of pain through the experience of the Holocaust and many hundreds of years before. Together with you, we want to heal this trauma and change the conditions that maintain antisemitism in place.
We are grateful that many of you have not ceased to give your full research for peace. We ask you:
Stop with all your might the further mass murder of the people of Gaza by your government. Help the soldiers to put down their guns. Help your Palestinian brothers and sisters who have now lost everything and are on the run from the bombs and fires in their former homeland. You know the indescribable hardship they are in. They have suffered the worst that can happen through hatred and violence among people. What happened to your ancestors is now happening to them. Now they need help from people who have overcome all hatred. Connect with friends from Palestine and international people who are with you. You will get a lot of support from the world, from all the ones who know that not all Palestinians are terrorists and that Hamas is not all about hatred. Reach out to them and invite them to a new time of common work and friendship for peace. Set an example that wars can be solved in other ways. If you can do this, it will be much more than a local peace in the Middle East, it will be a powerful signal for the whole world.

We have planned days of action from March 19/20 to March 23. You are invited to participate in your own way. You can find all further information when you click here.