November 15th

November 15th

Travel day. Early in the morning Andrea goes with German and Levis to the Covid-test. I talk a bit with Magarita, where we have found a wonderful hostel.

Nobody would believe that we are here in the middle of Bogota. The courtyard with its many flowers and small trees guards a very special frequency of peace.


I use the time to pack and do some office work. Then I take a last stroll through the city and look for gifts for the five grandchildren. It is important to have this break before we embark on the next adventure: a trip to the Favela da Paz in Sao Paula, Brazil.

The cab is at the door at three o’clock in the afternoon, our flight leaves in the early evening and we arrive in Sao Paulo at 3 o’clock in the night.

I am grateful for the time here. Thank you for the guidance, thank you for the protection and thank you for the many contacts and deeper insights into the situation of the country.